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Auto Insurance Facts

What Determines Your RateThere are several factors that are considered to calculate an Auto Insurance rate.  The areas that effect your rate the most are:

  • Your Age - This is a major factor.  Most companies will put you into groups that change when you turn: 18, 21, 25 & 30.  Your rates almost always lower each time you enter a new age category.

  • Marital Status - Being legally married at 21 can often place you in the same category as a single person at age 30.  Your marital status makes a significant difference in your rate.

  • Zip Code - Different parts of town have different risks and types of traffic. Most companies have 2 or 3 different rates depending on what part of town you live in.

  • Driving Record - Tickets are usually looked at for 3 years, after the 3 years most companies don't consider them.  If you go to school on a traffic violation, most of these violations never make it to your driving record.

  • Credit Score - Some companies use credit scoring to determine your rate.  With these companies, good credit scores usually lower your rate considerably while poor credit scores don't necessarily raise your rate, they are just not eligible for the lower programs.


Higher limits of liability.  The minimum limits of liability currently required by the State of Arizona are "15/30 10".  These numbers represent the maximum amount (in thousands) of dollars that your insurance policy will pay.

  • The first number (15) represents the maximum amount of coverage payable to any one person for bodily injury to others.

  • The second number (30) represents the maximum amount of coverage payable per accident with all people combined for bodily injury to others.

  • The third number (10) represents the maximum amount of coverage per accident for property damage caused to others.

These limits may not be enough to cover all the injuries or damages that you cause in an accident.  You can usually double the amount of coverage for just a few dollars more per month.  Compare rates with different limits of coverage here.


All About SR-22's

In Arizona, an SR-22 is obtained by purchasing a policy that contains at least the state minimum limits for liability.  A policy with an SR22 is exactly the same as one without, the difference is that once an Insurance Company has issued an SR-22, it is required to immediately notify the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) whenever that policy cancels or that vehicle has been removed.  This is a way for the MVD to "keep tabs" on whether or not someone has insurance.  The MVD usually requires you to keep an SR-22, proving you have insurance for a period of 3 years.  After that, you may not have to prove it but you still are required by law to have insurance.

What are the Causes.  The two most common reasons the MVD will require an SR-22 are: you or your vehicle have tickets for no insurance or you had a major violation such as DWI, reckless driving, uninsured accident or you are reinstating a suspended license.

What are the Penalties When a vehicle has excessive "no-insurance" tickets, the SR-22 is usually required for your registration and your registration will be suspended if you don't get and keep an SR-22.  If you have major violations, the SR-22 is for your license and your license will be suspended if you don't get and keep an SR-22.  It is important to know about these requirements ahead of time since a lapse in coverage may result in a suspension from DMV and usually require additional fees to reinstate.

Non-Owners SR-22.  The state may require you to get an SR-22 to get your license reinstated.  If you don't own a vehicle, you will have to purchase a non-owners policy in order to obtain an SR22.  This type of policy will cover you on any vehicle that you drive but you do not own.  This type of policy can be about 20% higher or 20% lower than a regular liability policy, depending on the company.

Costs.  SR-22's are free with most policies



Insurance Discounts

Discounts are a very important part of getting the best possible price for your coverage.  Different companies offer different types and different degrees of discounts.  Some of the most common discounts are:

  • Safe Driver or Clean Driver - 5% to 20%.  The usual requirement is ticket free and licensed for 3 years.  A few companies will overlook 1 minor violation and still give you the discount.

  • Multi Vehicle - 10% to 25%.  The only requirement is more than one vehicle on the policy.  Because of the huge discount, sometimes a policy with 2 vehicles actually costs less than a policy with one...

  • Transfer Discount - 5% to 18%.  The usual requirement is to show you as a driver on a previous 6 month policy that hasn't lapsed.  Some companies will allow a lapse in coverage up to a week and others will even go up to 30 days.  You may receive more of a discount for a year's worth of previous coverage.

  • Paid in Full - 5% to 20%.  Simply pay the policy in full.  In addition to this discount, you will save monthly installment fees.  This can be considerable.  Unfortunately, only a few companies offer this.

  • Renewal Discount - 3% to 20%.  The requirement is to renew your policy on time.  Some companies offer the discount every six months up to a maximum amount.  Others offer the discount every year.

  • Credit Score - 5% to 50% difference.  A great credit score will make you eligible for a better rate with many companies.  Credit has been considered on of the most valuable pieces of information to determine the likelihood of a loss.  If your score is good, your rate is good.

  • EFT - 2% to 10%.  If you allow the company to automatically sweep your bank account (Electronic Funds Transfer) for the monthly payment, you can sometimes receive a small discount.  Other companies may not offer the discount but will require a smaller down payment or waive the monthly billing fees.

  • Homeowners - 5% to 10%.  If you own a home, most companies will offer a discount.  The only requirement is the home must be in your name.  There are additional discounts if you put your home policy together with your auto policy.

  • Combined Policy - 5% to 15%.  Some companies will discount your auto if they have the home or vice versa.  It is definitely worth the time to compare rates because you can save on both policies!


About Credit Scoring

Insurance companies have found a direct relationship between a person's credit score and the likelihood of an insurance claim.  Because of this information, about half of the Insurance Companies in Arizona use your credit score to help determine the type of risk and the rate they will charge. 

When using our online rater, the system uses a default "good" credit score. 

At AALL Insurance Group we recognize the need to offer both types of products (credit and non-credit) to better serve all our clients.


Payment Options

Paying Monthly.  Make monthly installments online, over the phone or in any of our 20+ locations.

Paid in Full.  If a policy is paid in full, you can save up to 15% This could be a considerable savings. 

EFT.  Electronic Funds Transfers are both convenient and wise.  If you allow your Insurance Company to automatically sweep your bank account (Electronic Funds Transfer) for the monthly payment, you can save up to 10%. 

Credit Card or Check by Phone.  Call 602-233-3333

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Do you have questions like "why am I required to have an SR22?, how long do I need to keep an Sr-22?, what is the difference between SR22 insurance and regular insurance?.  If so, please read more about Arizona State Requirement SR22 here.

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